Reseller of CS-cart

EZ Order Manager ( resells cs-cart at discounted pricing.

We offer two varieties:

  1. Standard out of the box CS-cart
  2. Our rebranded version that includes automatic updates (patches between cs-cart upgrades) with integration to our back-end Order and Inventory Management system.

    Either type is the same price at $219.99.

    We also offer complete hosted solutions of storefront (cs-cart based), back-end, email and other standard website services hosted on our secure servers. Packages start at $59.99/month. Please visit for more information on hosted packages.

    We have also edited all the documentation, added a Getting Started Guide and a Local Modifications Guide. We have updated and added information where it is beneficial as well as fixed much of the grammar and spelling!

    Please contact us if you are interested.

    EZ Merchant Solutions/EZ Order Manager

Looks good EZ :slight_smile:

Will this work with 1.3.5 SP4? I need to control my stock online, I need to be able to see how much I paid for certain items in the past. Sometimes, I buy exactly the same things from the same supplier, but because of currency rate change, I pay sometimes up to +/- 5%. I this is working with CS, what’s the benefit?

What I’m looking for is:

I find the product I need on the Internet and locate the supplier

I need to enter this supplier into the system and start communicating with him

When his offer arrives, I review it and what’s good, goes into the system with prices given by supplier

I will select what I need and will generate an order, which goes by email

They confirm prices and stock and we start the business. Purchase order confirmed.

I transfer monies to him, stock arrives

I count the stock, enter it with cost price per item

Then I will set the sale price and will start selling them online.

If I’m short on something, it needs to be very easy to find out where is that item coming from and how much I paid for it.

Reorder the item.

Is this all possible please? Thank you EZ :slight_smile:

Sorry, this is only for 2.0. I initially started out on 1.35 but when 2.0 started beta I switched to it.

Your scenario is exactly what the back-end does. You generate a PO to the supplier. It is sent to them via email. When you receive a response you can create a “unit cost” based on a variety of paramters in addition to actual unit cost (packaging cost, marketing cost, labor cost, etc.) to arrive at a “true unit cost”. In the PO processing you identify how many units you’re recieving, etc… It then updates your inventory records for those items.


I already own a Cs-cart professional license and want to renew the updates service for 1 year. Do you provide such service? If Yes, how much is the price? I can make the payment through Paypal.


Update subscriptions should be purchased through cs-cart. The cost is dependent on their internal data.