Required Options / Variants After Upgrade 4.16.1 - 4.16.2

Did the handling of Product Options that are “Required” change somewhere around 4.16.1 - 4.16.2?

For example, a Product Option that was checked as “Required” used to automatically add “Please, select one” (please_select_one variable) as the default first choice on the front end, forcing the customer to pay attention and make a choice from the available selection. This is the working way to “Require” an option choice if it is “SIMULTANEOUS”.
However, after Upgrade 4.16.1 - 4.16.2, the “Required” Option on our test server just defaults to the first available selection and auto-adds the cost to the product. Since the option selection is already made, it is effectively no longer “required” to choose anything, and the customer may not pay enough attention to know other options even exist there.

What does any version past 4.16.1 - 4.16.2 do for you with “Required” options? I just want to make sure this is not a server configuration issue, versus a software coding update issue.


seems to work ok for me V4.17

but dont you have to have 2 options for it to work

Thanks for the reply! Mine also seems to work for Options type: “Sequential” (in the Products page “General” tab), but I need it to work for “Simultaneous” Options type - the order of selection of the options does not matter and many products have many optional non-required options that would be very wasteful and frustrating for a customer to have to actively select through each one and choose “none” if they only need to choose the few required options quickly. Very early versions of the shopping cart used to not work for required simultaneous options, then it was fixed and working great for many, many versions, but now I’m somewhat hoping it is something on our end and not some code that was overlooked with an update. I saw at least one other post (a coffee shop) needing the same thing, and I was going to find it again and post any solutions that I find to help them too…
Thanks again!