Require Enter Of Email Twice And Verify Same?

On checkout as guest or registering as a new customer, how can I require one to enter their email twice and verify both are same?

We are getting too many typos in our customers email field.



This add-on may help you: Account activation

Thanks. I saw that. But I don't want the admin to have to activate an account. I just want the cart to verify an email address entered twice match. Many e-commerce sites already do this. Can cscart be modified easily to do this. If so, any hints.

Also, I find most customers don't want to wait for an activation email. I know I hate sites that do this.

OK, there might be an easier way, but I got it working by editing only one file.

I added a new Verify Email Address profile field.

In the checkout step_two.tpl file, I added just above the closing field.

OK, I didn't like the alert pop up box, so I came up with a better approach by modifying the DOM. I added a dummy tag I can modify based on if emails match.

<div id="node-id">div>

Below is the complete modified code for the Checkout as Guest modification. Mod is at the end of templates/views/checkout/components/step_two.tpl file.


{if $final_step == “step_two”}
{include file=“views/checkout/components/final_section.tpl” recalculate=true}
{* David Mod - add script*}