[REQUEST] Vendor profile and searching mods for CSC - MVE - 3.0.5

We'd like to ask for the feasability, cost and delivery time for these two features, for a Cs-Cart Multi-Vendor Edition:

  1. A search field for searching vendors by their name, state/province, zip/postal code and city. This should work as follows:

    [indent=1]a) Visitor sees a search field inviting her to search a vendor indistinctly by any term[/indent]

    [indent=1]b) Visitor types any string[/indent]

    [indent=1]c) System checks if the string entered matches with any name, state/province, zip/postal code or city in the table of vendors.[/indent]

    [indent=1]d) If no results are found, system informs of it in a screen message “no results found”[/indent]

    [indent=1]e) If any field matches, system returns a list of all the vendors of the store with matching fields. For each vendor with coincidence, system shows:[/indent]

    [indent=2]e.1) Name of the vendor, links to see the complete vendor profile (dispatch=companies.view&company_id)[/indent]

    [indent=2]e.2) Address[/indent]

    [indent=2]e.3) City[/indent]

    [indent=2]e.4) Zip Code[/indent]

    [indent=2]e.5) Country[/indent]

    [indent=2]e.6) A link to see vendor products[/indent]

    [indent=1]This list is ordered by alphabetical order of the vendor name. List highlights the coincidence of the term searched with that of the vendor profile.[/indent]

  2. Geolocation of vendors. This should work in a similar fashion as the store locator add-on. Weare thinking on:

    [indent=1]a) Each vendor can position himself in a google map[/indent]

    [indent=1]b) System stores Latitude and Longitude in the companies table, alongside the rest of the vendor information.[/indent]

    [indent=1]c) For each vendor profile, system can show the map with the pin, and the vendor information in the emerging blurb:[/indent]

    [indent=2]c.1) Name of the vendor[/indent]

    [indent=2]c.2) Address[/indent]

    [indent=2]c.3) Zip code[/indent]

    [indent=2]c.4) A link to see vendor products[/indent]

    [indent=1]d) System can show a google map with pins corresponding to all vendors of the store. Visitor can hover the mouse over each pin and see its corresponding informations (as described in point C, before)[/indent]

    At the moment, we'd like to have a price approximation. In case we could afford it, we'd send mock'ups before the final agreement on prices in order to ensure everything is clear and can be done within the scope of the job.

    These customization are required for Cs-Cart Multi-vendor edition, v.3.0.5, clean installation with no other mods applied.

    Please, don't hesitate to contact me for any further detail or to clarify my (poor) explanation.


    Marc Olivé i Valls

    El Nucli