Request-Uri Too Large - Bulk Edit Categories


I am running 4.9.2SP2 and running into an issue when bulk editing categories..

I have selected about 8 products in the backend and clicked "category" drop down and I receive the error "Request URI too large".

From what I understand, this means the GET URI is too long right? I guess it makes sense that GET is being used, but not if it is causing errors with standard LAMP install.

Anyone else experienced this or do we just increase LimitRequestLine and move on with our lives?


Even though CS-CART is "getting" information from the server, I don't understand why they would not use POST in this situation to avoid these errors? Just with a few products selected, it generates a URI over 7000 characters long...

Seems like your category names may be pretty long....

Yes, you are correct there...

The boss likes to get "wordy" when it comes to category names.

The system does not use category names in this request, but uses separate parameter for each product category which can cause the issue

Ok, good to know, was hoping that category names were not used.

I did debug this request last week and saw a huge amount of url variables being sent through.

We have a category with 300 products in it, and selecting any more than about 10 gave me this error...

Is there any way around this, or do I have to resort to LimitRequestLine config?

ok, so this isn't based on category names, but i am still having issues with this. It is a shame, because it is a nice new feature of CS-CART and makes editing categories much easier.

I have selected 60 products that I want to reassign into a sub category, but I still get the error.

I have increased LimitRequestLine to a ridiculous value....but I think I am probably now at the mercy of Chrome limiting the request length.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

BTW - this is core CS-CART code generating this request from the UI of the backend...

BTW - this is core CS-CART code generating this request from the UI of the backend...

Yes, this is CS-Cart default behaviour. But I do not think that they will confirm it as a bug