Request For Assistance (Will Pay)

Hi All,

I've inherited a website that uses CS-Cart 4.3.4… I'm a regular Joomla user and just even learned Expression Engine. Maybe I'm having a bad few days, however I can NOT figure out the most simplist things with CS-Cart, at least things that I think are simple. How do you edit a template that I block is referencing? How do you add additional fields to items? I believe you do it as a feature but they don't show up. CS-Cart can NOT be this difficult…

If someone is willing to give me a hand to just learn that basics, I'm willing to pay (via Paypal) a little fee for their time.



Hi Jaison, you could start here and save a little money


John rights, KB has a lot of answers.

If you need to develop additional functionality, you can contact us.

Thank you.

Here is a good place to start: