Reqest of few changes / modifications

I hate that cart cannot deal with one image.

Meaning I upload one 500x500 image and after this cart generates 100x100 image of it or any other size set in settings. Now I have to prepare everything manually before upload.

This option is available on other competitive shopping carts and works great and time saving.

One more addition could be “global description editor” feature.

My description should consist of 3 blocks.

  1. features fields that I moved above description so it looks part of it in products_description.tpl

  2. current description field. basic info about product

  3. brief info about company, shipping and more that could be set to all products not individually.

    Now I simply have a html code that I paste in description. Some of this info needs to be updated and it would be huge work to fix it even editing database.

    3rd part could work as “pages” feature but now you cannot set one page for all products just individually for each.

Now regarding order statuses.

Can “open” order status be modified to have option NOT decrease or increase inventory till it becomes processed?

In cs-cart 2 demo shop, registration is disabled so I cant see if membership selection feature is still there.

I would like option to disable visibility of this option in admin panel.

Currently any customer who is going to purchase one item is requesting wholesale membership.

Product list (catalog) in admin panel must have small product thumb.

Mod is already available, created by forum member mdekok3000


[quote name=‘Darius’]Now regarding order statuses.

Can “open” order status be modified to have option NOT decrease or increase inventory till it becomes processed?[/quote]

I’m sure this would mean that the other statuses would need to be fixed as well. Some could increase the inventory by 1 (i.e. declining order).

With paypal everything works as should but with payment methods as 2checkout, unfinished checkout process does not become failed or declined it becomes open -1 what is the point of it? If buyer is not registered member or decides to checkout as guest he won’t eve get a chance to complete order (pay order again).

I am not saying open status should become as I request but I like to have option to choose what is better for me without hacking database.

The number 1 feature I would like to see in CS-Cart is the ability to bundle products together and offer a discount. For example, if the user adds product 1 to their cart, they have the option of adding product 2 to their cart at a reduced bundle price.

Along this line, it would also be nice to bundle separate items together like this “ahead of time” without waiting for the user to add product 1. For example, if we want to run a special on a bundle that includes product 1, 2 and 3 that would display as a bundle without the user needing to add something to their cart.

Another feature that would be helpful out of the box is the ability for a customer to print the product details page and have it look ok. I know there is a mod for this, but it would be much easier (and seemingly basic) to have a print stylesheet associated with at least the product details page.

All mods available on forum could be integrated in to stable cart release.