Report of taxes collected

Does anyone know how to produce a report of taxes collected over a time period? We only collect tax for a single state and we’d like a total of taxes collected as a monthly report, separate from other reports.

Thanks for any help. :slight_smile:

I too am looking for this I have cs cart 1.3.5 sp3 installed. Anyone?

There is the ability to set up the taxes report in standard CS-Cart as a table, but there is no ability to display the total tax value for a period of time.

In order to set up this report you should click on the “Sales reports” link in the “Orders” side box on the left of your CS-Cart admin panel, click on the “Manage reports” link at the top. Add a new report and click on the “Edit” link of it.

Add a new chart with the following parameters:

Object to analyze: Orders

Value to display: Taxes

I hope this will help you.

Taxes have to be paid for states in which you have “Nexus” meaning a presence (not to where you ship to) where you ship from - how to further isolate it down to a state using the reports section is something i have been experimenting with,

I have tried searching for users with CA (in the users tab) and adding them into my filter.

I am not sure if this works correctly, I will be testing this further in my local server that i have setup tonight.


Ok, I sort of got this portion working, but ran into another road block while testing on my localhost.

Customers that checked out anonymous instead of registering are not being picked up in the report as those from California, its just getting really frustrating getting close yet the system is not functioning as it should.

Can anyone here guide me to exporting this to quickbooks, perhaps I can export the data…hmm I might do that, csv and then sort in xl…

let me go try.


ok I quit. I have been trying to export stuff, and looking thru the database to see where the tax stuff might be put, I just cant find it, anyone here know where the tax portion of an order is stored?

I am willing to pay the cs-cart folks to write a mod for me, however they stated it would be a few months before they got to it, and i need this information badly for my cpa.

Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing and can help.