Replace "no image" available in multi-store edition (Ultimate)

My understanding is the “no image available” placeholder should be sourced from my skin folder, allowing me to override it there by renaming or replacing it. The problem is that in our install the image is being sourced from “/images/” in our HTML root folder. Sure, we could replace it there but it means all our stores would have to use the same image, which is not ideal. I can't seem where to change the image path for each particular store. Any help would be much appreciated!

I've read over a few posts regarding this issue but none seems to address the exact issue I'm having. Forgive me if I've overlooked it and feel free to post the link.


I placed a support request and received an unhelpful response about it not being set up to do this and it not being covered in technical support. Can anyone direct me to where this image path is set and called?

Figured out a less-than-ideal solution in the interest of time. If anyone has a better approach, feel free to chime in.

in the /core/fn.init.php, line 778, replace:

Registry::set('config.no_image_path', Registry::get('config.full_host_name') . Registry::get('config.images_path') . 'no_image.gif');


Registry::set('config.no_image_path', Registry::get('config.skin_path') . Registry::get('config.images_path') . 'no_image.gif');