Replace header banner with Solid banner

Hey guys,

I’ve seen similar questions asked, but I don’t think mine was answered yet.

In my site , the top banner where the pics of dogs are on the left and the text is to the right…

Where exactly would I replace that whole thing with an Image the same size?

Thanks a lot.

Bryan R.

Ver 1.3.5. sp3

If you want to know where the image is called, that would be top.tpl

I guess I am looking for an instruction for dummies. In Top.tpl, can somebody give me a sample of where I should insert the new 1 piece banner?

Thank you.

Bryan R.

Look for this section of code:



Change to this:


Then the "red" code disgnates your top banner. Change it accordingly to the name and size of your image.

Looks like a perfect answer. I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for the help!