Renamed my admin.php

Hello all… thanks for checking this out. I heard it was a good idea to change the file name of the admin.php for added security. This was no problem in 1.3.x but now in 2.0.3 Some of the links in the admin panel point to the new file name and others still point to the no longer existing admin.php. All Links in my floating “Quick Menu” still point to Admin.php too. Any advice? Is this user error or a bug? Maybe more files I have to change other than just the local.config.php?


this bug has previously been posted to the bug tracker, possibly a fix will be updated soon…

at least give us a workaround for this since my cart doesn’t function without this being fixed.


do a search for “admin.php” in your cscart dir using something like Dreamweaver, as in dreamweaver you can specify for your search to look at files in a certain folder.

You will find the term “admin.php” found in many locations the one for that specific menu I think is under /schemas/menu/menu.xml just find all the links that contain admin.php and rename them to your new file name.

I think some links pull the file name of “admin.php” in dynamically from your config file and the rest are hard coded.

I did this and a mass find and replace worked great for me.

Hope this helps.