Removing shipping cost from point 4 Review and place order

Hello all,

I don’t calculate shipping costs directly because shipping costs depends on the items bought. I can’t remove the shipping costs option through the admin panel because then the cart no longer works, I therefore have the shipping costs set to 0.

However shipping costs need to be paid by the customer and they will be notified later how high these will be.

Maybe a strange system but it works for me:-).

However when going through the checkout at the end in point 4 “Review and place order” I see below the subtotal the Shipping cost: €0.00.

How can I make that line invisible? I tried commenting out the code in skins/basic/customer/views/checkout/components/chekcout_totals_info.tpl lines 17 to 21:

/* {hook name=“checkout:checkout_totals”}

{if $cart.shipping_required == true && $shipping_rates && ($location != “cart” || $settings.General.estimate_shipping_cost == “Y”)}

  • {$lang.shipping_cost}:

    {include file=“common_templates/price.tpl” value=$cart.display_shipping_cost}/

    but that didn’t do anything other than placing /
    and */ in front of and behind the shipping cost.

    This same question goes for the emails send to customers as well.

  • I solved it. I first commented out the code the correct way by adding in front of the code this then I realized this was not neccessary at all. When you go to the admin panel > Administration > Shipping settings and you place a mark in the Disable shipping option it removes the shipping part:-).