remove View larger image in categories

Can someone please assist I would like to remove the “View Larger Image” wording in Category section. on CS Cart demo site it does not have. Is there a turn off switch or hard coding I need to do? Can someone please direct on how to accomplish this.

Thanking you in advance. :confused:

Figured this one out. In the Category “Images: Thumbnails will be generated from detailed images automatically, but you can also upload them manually” instead of using large pop-up image. :smiley:

I find it helpful that larger images are turned into thumbnails in the case of product images, but not category images. Is there anyway to disable this feature, just for category images and not product images?

I think it’s helpful to allow people to zoom in on product images but for categories, I don’t see the purpose and think it looks sort of goofy. :confused:

Appreciate any help.

When creating category dont put the image in the detailed thumb section just put it in the thumbnail part and detailed will not show.

you can delete the detailed ones you already have done.