Remove Span From H1 Title

i would like to remove the span from the h1 title,in ty-mainbox-title

what i get now is this

category title

what i want is the following

category title

the mainbox_general.tpl has no span in h1

{if $content|trim}

{if $title || $smarty.capture.title|trim}
{hook name="wrapper:mainbox_general_title_wrapper"}

{hook name="wrapper:mainbox_general_title"}
{if $smarty.capture.title|trim}
{$smarty.capture.title nofilter}
{$title nofilter}

{$content nofilter}


any ideas?

span can be found in the following category template:


{capture name="mainbox_title"}{$category_data.category}{/capture}

thank you

You are welcome!