Remove shipping from main store

I create a new shipping method for a group of vendors. I assigned the new shipping method to those vendors and everything works fine. the problem is that this new shipping method is now also available to the main store (or main admin?). I do not want this new shipping method for the main store.

How can I unlink it from the main?

I tried to assign the shipping method to a vendor and it works fine. However I can only choose one vendor. Another way is to create duplicate methods for the other vendors but that’s too much work.



2.2.4 MVE

Let me simplify my question i guess.

Is there a way to disable a shipping method for the main admin? I can do this for vendors but not the main admin


I had the same problem. One solution to this problem is to create a vendor for all of your main store items. This vendor would have the same address as your main store for shipping calculation purposes. I then moved all of the main store items to the new vendor account that I created. You can then disable the shipping method for these items. I main store account will have no items under it. All of my products are under a vendor account. This fixes the shipping issues.