Remove punctuation in product URL's


I'm having difficulty removing the punctuation in the product URL's. The product page URL's are created automatically and use the author name as part of the URL. The problem with this is that the author name sometimes has accents on letters and punctuation, which results in the product URL having these as well.

Is there a way to remove them and to just produce a URL with no punctuation or accents?

I've tried editing the SEO add-on but I'm presented with drop-down options that doesn't solve the problem.

Help please!

I thought all non-alphanumeric characters were escaped with hyphens for the SEO name?

How are you adding the products? Import? Because if you just open the product record in the admin interface, and save it, the SEO name (under the Add-on tab) will be updated.

I have pipes in the product names, and that resulted in a double hyphen in the SEO URL. When I would open the product record and save it, the double hyphen would be replaced with a single hyphen.

I ended up running a query on the database table and replacing all the double hyphens with single ones, like this:

UPDATE [font="Courier New"]cscart_seo_names[/font]

SET name =

replace([font=“Courier New”]name[/font],'–','-')

To removes single quotes, you could:


Then you are replacing a single quote with nothing.

Always make a back up copy of the table first, then test the results. If you hose the data with a typo in the query, you can always rename the back up and get back your original table instantly. But, you should be able to remove or replace apostrophes, back ticks, non-english letters, and single/double quotes.

Don't forget that you need to clear the store's cache after any changes in the SEO name.