Remove Product bundles options from individual items


Setting up bundles using the Product Bundles add-on.

Only issue that I would like to resolve would be to stop the bundles from appearing on the individual pages of the products that are being used in the bundles.

The bundles are being placed above the tabs and cannot see an option to move this section to a Tab, at least this would tidy the page up.

Is there something that I am missing?

Found the option to put the bundles in a tab. That tidies the product pages up.

That now changes the issue. The tab is now on all pages with an item used in the bundles.

Would like to be able to display the normal bundle view on the products that are being setup specifically as bundles.

Is this something that can be done with this add-on. Or expanding on the original idea, another add-on that can bundle items together to act as a single item (while still being able to select options and/or variations of the individual items)?


Sorry, but I do not understand how it supposed to look like, from what you describe and what do you mean by:

Please describe with additional details and preferably with screenshots.

Would like to have the bundle shown above the Tabs bar. As it is when when bundles are not in the tab format (selected in the Setting of the add-on).

Reason is that I can hide the bundles tab on all the products that are used in the bundles. This is to stop showing 50+ bundles that the items are used in.

While trying to work this out not sure if this add-on will do what I am trying to accomplish.
Is there potentially another add-on that will accomplish what I am trying to do

What I am trying to do is:
Trying to create a new Product (Bundle/Kit) that consists of multiple other products
e.g. New product (Bundle/Kit 1) is made up of 1 x Product A, 2 x Product B and 1 x Product C.
When you click add to cart on Bundle/Kit 1 it will add the above mentioned products to the cart.
This can be done with Required Products, However I cannot see a way for the customer to choose options or Variants of products that make up this Bundle/Kit.

Bit long winded but hopefully a bit more detail of what I am hoping to do.

With the Product bundles you can set up as described, with several different products in different quantities and with a discount that you’ll set for them.

In the case of Required products, you cannot set the quantity that should be in the cart and you cannot set a discount.

Regarding its appearance, I am afraid I do not understand your point. You do not want it to be displayed in tab format, but you prefer to use tab format. I’m confused. :sweat_smile: