remove previous customer details

While we use the cart we get the following problem.

There are a lot of cases that the customer calls and we have to place the order for him. In these cases we use the “order without registering “option. It is quicker.

The problem arises when we try to add a new order from a different customer because the details of the previous one are still there. It makes sense to keep the data there but in our case it creates a nuisance.

Is there a way to click somewhere and flush the details of the previous customer?

What we do now is to log in and out using our log in details and then it is fine. Is there an easier way?


You would need to create a link in your admin area that would call a page that would in turn unset($_SESSION[‘cart’]).

The most sure-fire way to approach this is to create a customer called “cash” or something and then “act on behalf of” ‘cash’ when you create the order. Just don’t give the customer the credentials or they’ll see evernone else’s orders.