Remove old images

I have a client that wants to remove a supplier and all of its information. Removing the data from the cart is easy enough, but what about the images?

Is there any easy way to remove the images?

There are thousands of them and we'd like them gone. Besides the fact that they won't be using that supplier anymore, all those images clog up a ton of space. They are also going to start using a new supplier with all new images.

So, anyone have any ideas?



Set the detail image thumbnail to a different size, so cs-cart creates a new folder and collect only the active images.

Hope there is another way. What about this command “?ct” at the end of the admin.php.

It should regenerate and delete unused thumbnails.

If you know the supplier_id, you can find all the products for that supplier, then use the internal fn_delete_product() function which will (I think) take care of removing all the images. You'd do this in a loop of the product_id's. I.e.

You can do this in a quick and dirty little script.