Remove Notifications on Admin Dashboard - CS Version 4.18.1

The new dashboard is nice, but we didn’t need the 2 notifications that are now at the top of the screen taking up the space. I didn’t see an option to remove them, so here is what we did:

  1. Go to this file: /app/schemas/dashboard/todo.php

  2. Make a backup copy just in case

  3. On version 4.18.1, modify line 162
    if (!$is_need_login) {
    if (!$is_need_login || $is_need_login) {

  4. On version 4.18.1, modify line 205
    if (empty($upgrade_packages[‘core’][‘core’])) {
    if (empty($upgrade_packages[‘core’][‘core’]) || !empty($upgrade_packages[‘core’][‘core’])) {

Basically, this forces the “if statement” to TRUE, returning “false” to displaying the text message regardless of the condition - I’m sure there are better ways of doing it (feel free to add to this thread in the reply area), but this is quick way to identify a modification and easy to remove the “OR” ( || ) portion of the “if statement” to return it back to normal. Keep in mind this todo.php file may be overwritten/modified with future cart updates.

Line 162 “if statement” is for this Help Desk Notification: “Sign in with your Help Desk account to access all CS-Cart services using single account.” //// Language variable: helpdesk_account.signed_out_message

Line 205 “if statement” is for this CS-Cart Update Notification: “A new version of CS-Cart is available.” //// Language variable: dashboard.todo.upgrade_center_core_upgrade_available


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