Remove no-index from search reults page

Does anybody know how I remove the [size=3]“[color=#881280][font=monospace]meta [/font][/color][font=monospace]name[/font][color=#881280][font=monospace]=”[/font][/color][font=monospace]robots[/font][color=#881280][font=monospace]" [/font][/color][font=monospace]content[/font][color=#881280][font=monospace]=“[/font][/color][font=monospace]noindex[/font][color=#881280][font=monospace]”" [/font][/color][/size]

[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][size=3]tag from the search results page? I've looked in meta.tpl and I don't see anything there? ANy help would be greatly appreciated.[/size][/font]

It's NOT a good idea to do that. Doing it will prob decrease your google ranking

Thanks but I've been told to do it by SEO expert as we've special linked pages

Found it in addons>seo>func.php find the function fn_seo_is_indexed_page. On line 566 and add this line

'' => array(), after $indexed_dispatches = array(

In 2.0.14 it's on line 1052. Thanks HiSpec!