Remove Name On Blog Post

Hi all, thanks for your time and your suggestions.

Could anyone please suggest how to remove the author and date information below from the blog post page?



I have followed this guide from ecom and cleared cache but it didn't work . I am also using an ecom theme but there is no option for "page_content.pre.tpl" ,it is now page_extra.pre.tpl and I assume TEMA means current theme so chose my theme - emerald. I searched for author and deleted this line to check

{__("by")} {$}

But it still appears.

Here is the path:


Here is the code in the tpl
{if $page.page_type == $smarty.const.PAGE_TYPE_BLOG}
{if $subpages}
{capture name="mainbox_title"}{/capture}
{include file="common/pagination.tpl"}
{include file="common/pagination.tpl"}
{if $page.description}
{capture name="mainbox_title"}{$}{/capture}
Thank you

Please edit the "page_content.pre.tpl" in the parent theme. Most possibly it is "responsive"