Remove Email From Invoice

Is there a way to remove the email from an invoice but still have it email me that an order was placed?

You are wanting to remove the customer's email from the body of the invoice?

Are you using the new email editor or the previous template email methods?

If using the new, simply delete the line that contains {{}}.

If using the previous method (templates) then you can edit the design/themes/[YOUR THEME]/mail/templates/orders/invoice.tpl file. Delete the line where you find $

Is that through the admin site where I will get rid of that line or do I have to go into the back end on the server?

For which solution? The new email editor or the older template model?

The email editor option is via admin. The template change would require editing of the identified template.

Suggest you work with someone technical to help you.

I know what you mean, I do not have the email editor on my version. Is there a way to get that?

Without the email editor, edit the file listed in post #2 above.

For admin emails please edit the following file: