Remove Distribution Package after install


Reading the instllation instructions it suggests after installation to remove the distribution package.

Does this mean to delete the files i uploaded in the first place? Surely this will delete my website?? Not overly sure what to do with it, but obviously i dont want to compromis the security of my website.

Any suggestions?




Hello Tom,

The compressed .tgz or .zip package downloaded on the “File area” page of your Help Desk account (e.g. cscart_v2.2.1-professional.tgz) is meant by the “distribution package” phrase in the instructions.

Pavel Zykuin

CS-Cart Support team

[font=“Verdana”]Most people upload this TGZ file and extract it on their server.

You may remove /install/ but it is always best to rename it (/11111-install/ for example).

Unfortunately no one spends enough time proof reading what they write to prevent conveluted and difficult to understand instructions![/font]