Remove Customer Cache At Admin ?

my addon generating some codes on front end.

and i am adding them to cache...

Registry::del($cache_name . '.' . $key);

this code work on front end but doesnt work at admin eg: update_product_post hook

i dont want clean all cache on product update. just remove itself .

anyone can help ?

What specifically are you wanting to delete? Note that the registry has a lifetime of the page unless the data is part of the registry cache.

I.e. I can set Registry::set('foo', 'bar') and I can Registry::get('foo') in that current page load, but on subsequent page loads it is not set.

If you are trying to set something for your products you can either add the field to one of the internal caches or you can initialize it in your init.php file or from a function within your addon.

i am getting addional product info with api.

i dont want each product visit get that data.

but i want deletede spesific cache (product_id) during update product

also i use same as your sample

Registry::set('foo', 'bar') and I can Registry::get('foo') in static cache

ok i used my caching system, not possible resolve with cs-cart integrated caching system.

thank you