Removal of "Product Option" Positioning

Hi All,

We’ve come to the realization as a growing business that,

A) Having the ability to link Global Options is imperative to our growth when adding new finishes/mountings etc.

B) It’s bloody difficult to get positioning correct when we have a hundred of similarly named “Product Options” which can sometimes override prior set “Product Options”.

If someone has the time or opportunity can you lead me in the right direction to the TPL file needing editing?


I would like to ‘link’ both finishes and gooseneck styles to Global Options, for when I receive new colours from the manufacturer while having the option to increase the price.

What I don’t want is the positioning of the “product options” to move when I receive new “product options” such as the following example:


In this case, If I change the positioning of wirecage on ONE product, the link system will move the wirecage position on ALL product. I want this functionality stripped where possible so that the positiong of the “Options” is global, but everything else stays where it is.

Short Answer;

Stop “Product Options” moving based upon “Global Product Option” position, but allow the addition and position movement of “Options” within said “Product Option/Global Product Option”