Registry: undefined cache level lang - Login as a user from admin panel (Vendor admin)

Hello guys,

I currently had this issue when I try to log in as a user from the admin panel, this only happens when I log in from (Vendor administrator) panel.

I need some help here please !!

Please show us full backtrace

Do you have any changes made directly in CS-Cart source code?

This is the full Backtrace …

The vendor dashboard is also inaccessible after login … Only the store side works !! We really need urgent guidance.


I did have old changes, but no issues were detected before … This is a new bug … I tried deleting the cache from the server but still the same.

Which version of PHP your store is using?
Also, do you have the latest release of CS-Cart or one of the older ones?

Yes, please make sure that your CS-Cart version meets requirements


We’re using version 7.4, please note that the software was working without any issues before and this is a new bug that appeared recently…

Vendor login only works on the store side, when customers switch to dashboard they can not access !! (Access Denied error )

We do ! The software was working before … This is a new bug we just encountered … We suspected that this could be a timezone issue but changing that did not do anything

Hi there!

I don’t know which version of CS-Cart you are using, but in CS-Cart Multi-Vendor version 4.12.1 such a problem could occur. It has been fixed in 4.12.2. Please try applying the attached .diff file and see if it helps.


ab2ed3b566e4e8bef4041edc3319110f3b6c90f2.diff (18.1 KB)