Regenerate thumbnails

I would like an option to re-create all thumbnails.

Yes us too. TO resize all of the small ones woudl be great.

oh god yes please!

This would be greatly beneficial if I could use the GD Library 2.0

Nothing more time consuming then uploading a 300kb file, forgetting its 300kb and waiting 30 minutes for the page to load lol

doens’t it already use the GD lib to resize images?

+1 for thums regeneration button!!!

It sounds like a good idea, just beware, regenerating lets say 10000 thumbnails using GD will kill a server. and for most of you using shared hosting, forget it.

Just a warning about the load GD module can put on a server.

Over a year, please add this feature.

Yes, theres been quite a few topics regarding this, both old and new…

Im keeping my fingers crossed to say the least, with the redesign of our cart I now need to re-size all images,

It has been mentioned to export, change settings then re-import into the store… to me this sounds dangerous ! but I may just give it a go on a dev site.

Oscommerce has features like this…i’m wondering why I ever left.

[quote name=‘ryans’]Oscommerce has features like this…i’m wondering why I ever left.[/quote]

i got about 1 million reasons why I used OSC once and never went back.


Yeah, OSC cannot really be compared to CS,

CS is soooooo much better in a million and 1 ways than OSC

Where Is This Opton ?

Umm, in the init.php file there is this:


if (isset($_GET[‘ct’]) && (AREA == ‘A’ || defined(‘DEVELOPMENT’) || $_GET[‘ct’] == $uc_cache_key )) {

fn_rm(DIR_THUMBNAILS, false);



I thought that was to clear the thumbnail cache. In the admin section just add like:

(That “$_GET[‘ct’] == $uc_cache_key” part I added because I didn’t want to have to always be in the admin section)