Refresh Addons' Template Schema

I'm trying to add a new product template but I am unable to get the schema to "refresh". The schema is in an existing addon. Here is the code:

$schema['addons/local/blocks/products/local_template.tpl'] = array (
    'bulk_modifier' => array (
        'fn_gather_additional_products_data' => array (
            'products' => '#this',
            'params' => array (
                'get_icon' => true,
                'get_detailed' => true,
                'get_options' => true,

return $schema;

which looks right to me, but it doesn't seem to be applying to the template

EDIT: this is in the file addons/local/schemas/block_manager/

And the obvious question is: "Did you clear the cache" either by using ?cc&ctpl or by manually moving/removing the var/cache directory.

There it goes. I was clearing the cache manually, but I was in the wrong folder.

Must be Monday.