References on nice looking CS-Cart websites

I was wondering if anyone has references for CS-Cart web design.

There is a thread here on “Best Looking Sites”


Whom would I be able to contact that could produce something like, eliteteak, that just looks really nice.

If not exactly 100%, can hit 75%, 50% of the functionality, etc.

Looking for a nicer website than just a template reskin. We’ve taken about as far as we can

at but would need help to do better.

Thanks in advance for the help.

did anyone come back to you i am trying to find out who did the

design as i want a new design and really like what they did and its good in the SE’s

I’m good looking as per my picture but I’m not sure if this helps :wink:

So glad some humor is back… Has been getting way to serious around here! Welcome back Norman!