Redirect Uri In Stripe Setup For Multi-Vendor

I'm trying to configure Stripe in test mode for a multi-vendor site and finding that I get an error on redirect. It does it's round trip fine to Stripe, but when I get back to my site, I get a 500 error.

The url Stripe is sending to ia like this: https://.com/vendor.php?dispatch=companies.stripe_connect_auth&scope=read_write&code=ac_EsuHuxF9HAg988766565Pl

In my settings I have the redirect URI (whic I can't edit) as https:///vendor.php?dispatch=companies.stripe_connect_auth,https://.com/fmh_n7.php?dispatch=companies.stripe_connect_auth

I'm guessing I either have a problem with using stripe Test APi on the app, or a server config problem. Can anyone point me in the right direction?




in general, you should insert the Redirect URIs from the Stripe Connect payment method settings in your Multi-Vendor into the corresponding field at your Stripe account. Please try doing so and let us know the result.