Redirect Tonew Website ( Could Not Find Module)


we are a smal belgian company,we have 2 e-commerce website. The first one running under Cs Cart version 2.2.3. The second one under Prestashop.

We have the same products items on both sites ( a nightmare at the moment).

The first e-commerce will become more specialized and do each this goal we need to desactivate a large amount of products.( that will be availabe on thesecond one).

I found a module to do the redirects but it’s not compatible with our old version of Cs Cart. And we will not be able to to the upgrades as the web agency did a lot of custom development.

Would you have a solution for us because the desactivation is becoming urgent and I ould love to find an automatic or semi automatic tool to do this :) 2000 products

Thanks a lot for you help


ps: i’m not a technician or seo expert, just the Digital strategist of the company ^^