Redirect Store to new domain

I have built an online store for a client and it has been doing very well. But because of copywrite issues they just became aware of, they cannot use the domain name they have anymore.

So they have limited time to change the domain and re-route the traffic.

How do I re-route all traffic from the store to a new domain? Is this done in the admin panel?

Thanks so much!


It should be setup at the domain register and you would forward/redirect the current domain to the new one. And you probably would not want to do domain masking since you want the visitors to know of the new domain name.

For instance here is how to do this if you have your domain through GoDaddy:



You can try [url=“Redirects: Different types and how to implement them - Moz”][/url]

and also can be done from Google Webmasters


Ok, well first don't take the other domain down.

Just buy another one and add it in cpenal as an additional domain.

In google webmaster change the domain to the new domain.

I would not remove the old domain for six months but if you are concerned about the trademark issue explain to the owner of the trade mark what you are doing and that you don't intend trading on their name but need time to move.

They should allow that,