redirect / admin access issue

Wow, I just foobared something.

started when google sitemap came back with error saying path error . I stated and sitemap.xml states just (no www)

turns out my site was always redirecting to, no matter what.

so hosting company says its setting in cart. they say edit local.config.pgp file.

I change 2 entries in it from to now no redirects and looks fine and stays at

problem now is cant log into admin area. keeps going to

Custom Application Development Software for Business - then redirects to

[url]Custom Application Development Software for Business -

anyone knows what I need to do here real quick?


FOUND SOLUTION! false alarm

when I edited config.local.php

I added www to the 2 spots where it should go, but erroneously I also added it to the admin.php setting and made it www.admin.php Duh!

I got www happy. as I removed the www it worked fine. user error