I have downloaded the community version of CS-Cart for our website, I have moved from Magento and first impressions are good, although the one issue I have encountered is recurring billing. I have looked online and it appears that there should be a recurring billing add-on already. But I only downloaded CS-Cart last night and I have looked in the Administration > Add-ons and it seems to lack that.

I need to provide some dedicated servers, telecom/broadband plans as well as a few other services which require recurring billing. Any help is appreciated, thank you.

The Community Edition does not include many of the add-ons available in the Professional Edition; Recurring Billing being one of them.

I dont think it is available in free edition,


Oh I see, ok. Is there any third party add-ons you are aware of which can do this? Thank you.

In CS-Cart Community Edition the following addons are available:

Banners management


Form builder

Google Analytics

Google Sitemap

My changes

Price list

Send the page link to a friend


Wish List