Recurring Billing / Quantity discounts

Hi everyone,

I am wanting to set up recurring billing to allow customers to subscribe to orders but I am noticing something that doesn't really make sense. When I activate a recurring plan, the quantity discounts that I have applied to some products drops into the new 'subscriptions' tab on the products page, along with the quantity field. This seems stupid because the description tab is first to show on the products page and customers could miss the fact that the product has quantity discounts available.

I know I can switch around the 'description' and 'subscription' tabs but I really can't see the logic in the quantity discount table and quantity field showing on the subscription tab.

Also, when entering a qty that provides a discount (according to the quantity discount table), the 'recurring price' amount doesn't change to reflect the new amount. I'm wondering if a customer subscribes to an order where they receive a discount based on the qty, will this discount apply to the recurring plan also?

Sorry for the long winded query, but thanks for your help.