Recurring Billing Add-On

Hello Everyone,

I have setup a “Recurring Billing” add-on for CS-Cart 4.1.2, based on the following tutorial:

CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

I am using PayPal Pro as a payment gateway. I have created a special product and added for the recurring subscription plan. If customers purchase this product it sends emails as a recurring product invoice, but it doesn't create a recurring billing profiles on PayPal.

Would you please advise me with 2 questions related with “Recurring Billing” add-on functionality:

  1. Does it automatically create a new recurring billing profile on PayPal if a new customer will purchase the recurring-plan related product?
  2. Does it automatically connect with PayPal and charge the existing customer on the next recurring payment due date?

    Thank you in advance!

If I understand the cs-cart implementation of recurring billing correctly, it doesn't automatically charge. it sends a notification to the customer with a link to a new order for them to checkout again.

I believe that it is because of this very limited functionality that support for this addon was dropped (I.e. not very useful if customer can effectively cancel by not doing anything). But this is just my two-cents (or maybe 3).