Recommended products during checkout

Hi everyone,

I have a client who would like recommended products to be shown to the customer during checkout. They aren't really products that they would list in categories, but rather complimentary items. For example, they sell roses and would like to offer wrapping or a card to go along with the order but only during the checkout. Is ther ean add-on for this?


We sell our Checkout Summary Fields addon which allows you to define fields that will simply be included in the customer notes area of the order. It is intended for exactly this type of thing. Product detail page is at:


Innervision, Tbirnseth's addon he mentioned works quite well for what you are looking for… Tony would it be difficult to make an addon to up-sell items prior to completing checkout?

Thanks for the replies. Funnily enough tbirnseth I have already purchased your addon for this particular website which is being used to ask the customer for a specific delivery day alternative rose colour choice. Though I didn't really think of it for this purpose. Are you suggested to create fields with simple queries like “Would you like a gift card?” or “Would you like wrapping?” etc? I was thinking more something that would show an image along with the options

I'd probably use checkboxes unless you're going to want an “occasion” for the gift card and colors or theme for the wrapping. As things are, there's no ability to provide imagery. However, you could probably do something with css for the fields. It does have it's own css file and uses unique classes for the various fields.