Recommended payment gateways

Hi all,

Looking for some advice. I’m using Pay360 as my current payment processor/gateway. I’m thinking about moving away from them for a few reasons.

Which gateways do you guys use or recommend? I’m based in the UK and I’m using v4.9.2 SP1.
I’ve looked at a few such as Stripe, Braintree and Opayo but I’d like to hear any experiences you guys have had. Not really looking to update my CS-Cart version if I can help it as it’s pretty stable as it is.

Viva wallet - lots of local options (important in Europe), good rates, and using their credit card you get back your processing fees. Plus you can add paypal and klarna through them in 3 clicks, making for easier accounting.

Search for cs-cart vivawallet and you’ll find some integrations.

Stripe and PayPal Both work well and people trust PayPal

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