Reciprocal Link Manager

Has anyone thought of creating a Links Manager Addon for CS-Cart?

My old shopping cart had one that I could:

Here’s how it works:

A visitor comes to your site and submits their information requesting to have their link placed on your site.

Visitor submits their site URL, email, website description and the URL on their site where they agree to put a link to your site at.

Visitor also selects a category in which they like their link to be displayed.

Via the admin, you approve all and any link requests.

You can also add, edit, and delete links and categories via the admin panel

Each link that is displayed on your site will contain the website name, description of the site, current Google Page Rank, and their current Alexa rating.

Via the admin, each link listed will automatically check the reciprocal site to see if your link exists. This way you know if the other sites contain a link back to your site or not.

Other features in this module include the use of CAPTCHA security when submitting link requests, implementation of the built in email filter, required notice and disclaimer of posting links, and the ability to turn on and off the ability to post additional links.

I would be willing to pay for this.



It would be nice to have, but its not high on my list of things to have. I have no probem creating a static page.