Recently View

I created a few custom pages and I want to display the recently viewed items but I dont see an include file for that. does anyone know how to put recently viewed items on a page without using the basic admin blocks?


Grab the code directly loaded into the block itself?

I am not sure if I catch what you mean. I have not been using the tabs and prefer to do some customized placement of some of the fuctions. So for example I want to put the reviews on the product page in a collapsible div and all I have to do is {include= file to discussions.tpl} and it works. but I cant find out what file brings in the recently viewe items.

Can anyone help me find out where the code is for recently viewed and suggested products. They way I am designing my site it has to be manually added to the template cause of the way the design works I cant use the blocks.

Any help would be appreciated and I am also willing to pay if someone out there can aid me through it.