Rebuild combinations?

can Rebuild combinations be set to be aware of any Expections you have setup?

I have a number of exceptions set for every one of my products since I use a linked set of options (they are global and linked because they change a few times a year as availability changes) and some products never need some of them.

When I Rebuild combinations a combo is setup for everything including the exceptions I have set.

Is there a setting to have this action take the exceptions into consideration?

Also, does anyone know if there is a setting or even a addon that will hide the ‘images’ part of the combo (like it is in setting up options) as a default (can be opened if needed), this would make data-entry and stock management much easier.

Read the knowledgebase article on option combinations and exceptions here - [url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation.

thanks, I have read that, and I have the exceptions working well.

that part of the setup is no problem.

What I am asking about is any additional settings that may affect the ‘option combinations’.

Currenlty the ‘Rebuild combinations’ link on the ‘option combinations’ page, rebuilds combinations for every combination even if they have been excluded.

Its just something that I would find helpful. I mean the combination list get pretty long (multipage) very quickly.

cant we rebuild combination for multiple products at a time???