Really Deleting Products

I see when you delete a product it sets the product_status = P. I understand a system may want to save deleted products in order to show correct product details on order histories that had the products on them, etc.

However on initial setup we imported a whole bunch of items that the client decided they want to delete a lot of them. None of them were every in any orders on the new site. We already discovered the Product Export function in Admin includes the deleted products so we had to customize exim.php to exclude products with product_status = P.

In thinking this through it seems sort of messy to have all these products in there that have no importance that were never ordered. They could easily be deleted from the products database but then you would need to figure out all the other tables that may have related records you need to delete.

Is there some sort of product purge utility out there that we actually delete all the DB records in all the appropriate tables for deleted products?