Real Separate Feature Tabs Through Features From

We want to use product tabs, that will be used across all products.

This already works great only for the Description and Tag tabs.

Please see the attachments which show that I have tried to

create individual tabs using the “out-of-the-box” product tabs… that I thought used defined Features.

It seems as though CS tries to put multiple Features inside what I thought were to be individual feature tabs.

Please help…thanks! Jefferson






Simply… Real tabs that have variant descriptions… like the Product Description tab.

Not hard coded blocks…but real tabs with real variant feature descriptions.

I do not know how to state this in a more simple way.

Can ANYONE please advise???

Thanks… Jefferson

On the Product tabs page, hit the plus sign to add another tab. Or am I missing something?

Please actually look at and read the attached images.

I do understand the basic premise of adding a “tab”.

Thanks… Jefferson

So if that doesn't do what you want, you probably need to buy an addon or hire a developer.

I appreciate your response, BUT… someone… after actually looking at and reading the attachment images should have a solution.

Still not resolved… any other senior members?

Thanks… Jefferson

I still think you just need to add more tabs instead of creating features and expecting them to somehow show up in a different tab than the features tab. I have a site where I sell books and things like page count, ISBN, format, etc. all go in the features tab. But on some books I have a “Quotations” tab where I've included short quotes from the book. You can check out an example here:

Anthony Norris Groves Saint and Pioneer by G. H. Lang

Is this what you're talking about?

This IS what I am talking about, but please…please…please;

look at my previously attached images.

I need to have those tabs available for EACH product.

Please tell me step-by-step… as all of my attempts have not worked out properly.


OK. Now that I've gone through and seen how I did this, it's probably not what you want because it utilizes the “block” system. In order to do it the way you want, I really do think that some core files needs to be modified or you need an addon. Seems like someone made such an addon for previous versions of the cart. I'll do some searching and see what I can find.

This one?

…I just emailed them…it description looks like it is just CS v2 compat.

but maybe the author can tell us otherwise?

Thanks! Jefferson

Yeah that's probably it. And you're right, looks like it's only for v2. That's a bummer! Try contacting them I guess.

I would take a look at this addon from webgraphiq

Thanks… but we need product detail tabs.