Real & Downloadable products Quantaty discount

Real & Downloadable products setting disables Quantity discount feature.

I’m using 2.0.15, and hope this is fixed in 2.1.x.

Iindeed I hope its just a setting in 2.0.15 that I cant find.

We have Real products that ship out from our store at

(I’ve had to disable the downloadable content to get qty discounts working)

These products also have a downloadable component, zipped drivers and program, that the purchaser gets access to immediately order is processed.

That works fine, and the files are made available with the [Downloadable] and [Enable shipping for downloadable products] boxes ticked.

The problem is CS Cart now limits the maximum quantity a customer can order to 1. !

This means the Quantity Discounts are not displayed and the customer can only order one at a time !

Also, because [Downloadable] must be checked to allow the customer to download the drivers, The customer is able to purchase the out-of-stock product, one at a time, even when [buy in advance] is not checked.

Is this bug fixed in 2.1.x?

If the downloads are only valuable when the product is purchased, why don’t you make the downloads part of the attachements rather than a product?