Ready to order - Need good advise on which edition

Need advise on what to purchase. Do you have something with the following requirements?

We have different vendors (under different domains) and looking for a solution to run the software on 1 server (main domain) but you will see the vendors website on their domain (with their logo).

The script must still be connected (run) on our main account. Also, all the funds/transactions must go to our main domain (1 admin user) and we pay our vendors out.

The vendors must also have their login, to see how much their store sold and can request their funds.

For clients:

Once a ‘client’, you can shop at all domains (different stores)

Looking forward to advise.

Then you will need the Multivendor version.

Thanks for the reply.

Does the multi-vendor version has all the requirements that I listed? Or do I need some custom modification? (for which 1)