Ready to complete transition to upgrade - change paths?

Hi, I've been transitioning from v 1.2.5 SP2 to 2.2.3. I've had the upgraded version in a subfolder & have been making my changes (shipping settings, importing data, etc.) in the new version.

I am almost ready to complete the transition. What's the best way to do this?

  1. copy current into backup folder; convert upgrade subdirectory to root directory;
  2. change file paths

    If so what file paths do I change? or is there a better way to complete this?

    Thanks in advance!

Hello, Brennie369!

I would recommend to use the first option.

Best regards, Alt-team

Hi Alt-team! Sorry for my late response - Thanks for your response. I clicked to follow this thread but don't get emails that there's a new post.

If I do option 1, are there any file paths in any files, to change?

Yes, the paths (2) in config.local.php.