Re: Problem in Export Orders (V2.1.3)

[color=#555555]On my V 2.1.3 professional website, we used to export 3000-4000 orders via the url :[/color]

[color=#555555](Check All > Choose Action > Export Selected). However, very recently, we noticed that if we select 350 or more records (i.e. 1/10th of earlier), the page just reloads as:[/color]


[color=#555555]Same thing if we attempt to generate Packing Slips for more than 300 orders. The page just reloads as above[/color]

[color=#555555]Secondly, we were able to upload images to our[/color][color=#555555] folder by going into “Add Product” > “Edit in Visual HTML Editor” option, “Insert / Edit Image” link, opening the file browser and then uploading the image to the said folder (this is our workaround for staff to directly upload static images to the folder, without doing FTP). However, this option has also stopped working in the sense that images get uploaded, but they are ZERO byte sized. Oddly, if we refresh the page multiple times, and then try to re-upload, it goes through![/color]

[color=#555555]We are on a Hybrid VPS with wiredtree with a dedicated Intel Xeon Core, Litespeed, 4 GB ram i.e. top of the line specs and have been since many years, with no problems. Our PHP version is 5.3.27 (we recently moved from 5.2.x to support compatibility with CS-Cart 4 for new projects)[/color]

Would appreciate any ideas / assistance from the community in trying to pin down the problem.

Warm Regards