Re: Images get a black background automatically


Whenever i upload a new image it gets a black background automatically.

And this started happening after i upgraded to 2.1.2.

I went into the Thumbnails section and found image background to be Black. I emptied that field and saved settings.But still whatever images i upload the thumbnails or product page image have a black background.

Looks like the background color is still in effect. Any way to fix this?

Thank you!

You need to add a color (#ffffff) and/or clear cache.

Where do i use that FFFFF?

do you mean in the thumbnail background? Its all blank…i already tried applying FFFFF in thumbnail background field but the black images won’t go away.

Also how do i know that my sites cache was cleared or not? I used that CC link and my admin area just reloaded…Doesn’t give any message saying the cache was cleared or not.

Looks like 2.1.1 is the best version…2.1.2 has allot of issues.


I don’t know because I am still using 2.0.15 but I have read that there is also a thumbnail cache.