Re-Generate Urls

Hi I would like to re-generate urls for languages in my 4.2.4 Cs-car ultimate.

I set languages, uploaded french first, and mis-used the SEO setting giving


now I have

/fr/mon-produit-french-url (with french content

/en/monproduit-french-url (with en content)

and so on for all languages.

I can manually delete seo rul name, and save, it will generate a new one using product name (whish is multilingual and OK now.

Is there anyway to force CS)-cart to update whole site URL to new one (I have 530 SKUs in 5 languages, I don’t want to to it by hand :) )

Also I tried Export/import but the site will stick to ‘1’ line import whatever I try.



Go to the phpMyAdmin and run the following query:

TRUNCATE TABLE cscart_seo_names;

Hope this will help

Thanks !!! that’ it.

Simple & fast